Introductions All Around

Welcome to InD’tribe Scribes!  We are a hybrid blog about InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival and InD’tale Magazine. While we will enthusiastically be sharing content pertaining to both the Con and the Magazine, from now until October we will be concentrating mainly on THE Author/Reader Event of the Year! We will be offering up our InD’Scribe attending authors as sacrifices…what? We won’t?  *squints at notes* Oh! *coughs* We’re going to be offering up tidbits about all of the wonderful and amazing authors who will be attending InD’Scribe 2017 in lovely Burbank, California.


What is InD’Scribe Con?  For that answer we have to travel in the Way Back Machine to 2012, when TJ MacKay created InD’tale Magazine, LLC to highlight News and Reviews for the Self and Small Published Reader in all of us…FOR FREE! FREE, people! Who doesn’t love free?! Especially when there is SO MUCH stuff sandwiched between the covers: interviews, articles, reviews, and MORE!

05 InDtale 2012
May 2012

Speaking of reviews, the esteemed reviews that receive a high enough star rating are then eligible for a Recognition of Novel Excellence award ceremony (aka RONE).  So once a year we gather for a red-carpet event slated as the RONE Gala Awards!  To accentuate this gathering, workshops, panels, parties, and a book festival have been planned leading up to the Gala event on Saturday evening.  This entire package is now known as InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival or InD’Scribe Con for short.


You may see some ads from InD’tale Magazine as well as links to Elite Reviews, Pinterest, and more sprinkled here and there as well as a peek behind the scenes of what makes us tick.  If you have questions feel free to shoot us a comment or hop over to either of the websites for more of the oodles of details available there.

Our first Author highlight will be for our Key Note Speakers…. Brenda Novak and Marie Force.  Stay tuned!

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