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Kym PicWhen I “Fall into the World of Extraordinary” I always want to…

…share it by bringing everyone else in with me. At times so many amazing characters and the stories they want to tell me whirl inside with such intensity it’s more than I can contain in my mere mortal brain.

They take on lives of their own so quickly, I have to get things down in written form as fast as possible or risk them looking at me sadly as they fade back into whatever ethereal place they came from with a, regret-filled, yet fond, farewell.

In those moments I find myself digging around in my purse for a wrinkled receipt, an old shopping list, anything before it’s too late! It’s even been rumored that I may have, on occasion, grabbed the nearest cocktail napkin in desperation―even if said napkin was someone else’s and currently in use― something I can neither confirm, nor deny LOL.

If you could choose anyone you wanted for your book cover model(s), who would they be?

Oh my, that’s a hard one. For example, for heroes, right now, in the third book of my Up Myth Creek series, Charon, is definitely channeling Jason Momoa (sigh), and for the fifth in my Wulverkynn World books, Michael Foster, is my muse for Zander. Big, tough and intimidating with a gooey marshmallow center. One he’ll only share with the right woman, but not without a fight first (wink). Then there’s the plethora of yummy candidates named Chris out there at the moment. I haven’t ‘cast’ any yet, but whew; you all know what I’m talking about (swoon).

But I think if I had to choose only one, it would have to be fellow Canadian, Ryan Reynolds. Not only is he gorgeous, each time I’ve seen him interviewed he’s been modest, gracious and charming, but more important – he’s been funny! All qualities that, to me, a hero must have. Not only does he have to be easy on the eyes from the heroine’s perspective, he has to be able to kick butt when needed (without being a Neanderthal about it) while bringing a smile to her face and a giggle to her heart.

A hero’s inner steel has to be built from integrity gained through his life’s experiences (both good and bad) rather than an over-inflated ego based in false bravado. He’s human, with all the strengths and frailties that goes along with it. It’s the strength gained through his wounds that makes him interesting and if he’s kept a sense of humour, then he’s perfect fodder for some feisty heroine to go toe to toe with.

When I’m writing, regardless of whether it’s an earth-bound god, a doomed werewolf or a down-on-his-luck cowboy, if my hero doesn’t have that all-important humanity at their core, I can’t fall in love with him – so why would my readers?

For my heroines, on the other hand, although I do ‘cast’ them to a certain extent at the outset, I think it’s more fun to leave this role open for the reader to decide for herself.

For example, when I’m knee-deep in a good romance, I envision an upgraded version 2.0 of myself mixed with whoever the physical description initially brings to mind in the role of the heroine.

After all, for the time we’re reading that book, the hero is our book boyfriend so why wouldn’t we be the heroine.

Kymber Morgan, lives in the shadow of the Canadian Rockies in the heart of cowboy country and writes both contemporary western and paranormal romance.

When she’s not spinning tales of mystics, mavericks and mayhem, you’ll find her practicing to be a snowbird with her husband, sharing a love of cameras with her son, or the beck and call of a cat named Twitch.

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