InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival

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InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival

We put a question out there to those attending InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival…

What do you love about InD’tale and/or InD’Scribe?

I love InD’Tale because it’s a gorgeous, easy to read emag. I love their enthusiastic reviewers and they’re easy to work with. ~ C.A. Szarek

InD’Tale because it gives HONEST reviews! Never snarky or cruel. InD’Scribe because of the workshops and the lifelong friendships you make. ~ Suzan Tisdale

InDScribe is unfailingly supportive and friendly. Its size and focus enables authors to get acquainted in ways that lead to lasting networks. ~ Carol Roddy

I love InD’Tale! A quality and professional magazine that is always full of great stuff. Love the interviews and reviews sections. InD’Scribe because I’ve met so many great authors and InD’Tale staffers. A great networking group. ~ Jennifer Theriot

I love InD’Tale because of their focus on small and indie publishers. They help authors like me get my voice noticed. ~ Tamara Hanks Grantham

I love InD’Tale because it is so supportive of indie authors and small publishers, giving us a voice and a place to shine. This year will be my first InD’Scribe conference, and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve already heard wonderful things about it from other authors. ~ Myra Platt

The people, the program and the parties! ~ Linda Rae Sande

I love InD’Tale because they support indie authors and are great to work with! ~ Alanna Lucas

I love In’DScribe because it’s exciting to talk to authors and sit in on their workshops as well as attend their parties in the evenings. Meeting cover models is a novelty that can’t be beat and getting pictures taken with them in period dress is one of the souvenirs that can be taken home. ~ Belinda Wiley Wilson

I love the energy that simply radiates off everything the InD’tale team touches and that is especially true to InD’Scribe. ~ Rebecca Forster

I love InD’tale because of the reviews and the great articles. I love InD’Scribe because of the work shops, they are the best, and I always meet new authors and readers. And I love the costume parties and the formal gowns at the award ceremony. ~ Susan M. Griscom

I love IndD’Scribe because it’s local (well, close!), friendly, affordable, and a great opportunity to connect up with readers and learn from indie authors who are rocking this business! ~ Alina K. Field

Intimate. A chance to spend quality time with friends and fans. ~ Victoria Vane

07 July AugSo maybe you love the magazine for the articles, interviews, reviews, and extras.

con-graphic-webOr maybe you love the Con for the workshops, panels, book signing, parties,
networking, and awards.

Or maybe you love them both equally and that’s wonderful, too! We certainly love what we do – helping indie and small-published authors get their name out there and SHINE!

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