InD’Scribe Author Alina K. Field

2017-03-25_11.33.12-2pi (2)When I “Fall into the World of Extraordinary” I always want to…

…stay there as long as possible, of course! Especially if the extraordinary experience involve a good story. I love to follow characters in a series from one book to the next.

Name something on your bucket list you HAVE done and name something you HAVEN’T done yet.

One of the items on my bucket list was to write a book, and yay! I’ve done that several times!

One crazy bucket list item that I really need to get going on? Attending a baseball game at every major league park in the United States. So, under my belt, I have the Dodgers, the Angels, the Cardinals, the Padres, the White Sox, the Cubs, the Red Sox, the Yankees. Obviously, I’m waaay behind on this task.

Award-winning author Alina K. Field earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and German literature, but she found her true interest in reading and writing romance. Though her roots are in the Midwest, after six very, very, very cold years in Chicago, she moved to Southern California and hasn’t looked back. She shares a midcentury home with her husband and a blue-eyed cat who conned his way in for dinner one day and decided the food was too good to leave.

She is the author of several Regency romances, including the 2014 Book Buyer’s Best winner, Rosalyn’s Ring. She is hard at work on her next series of Regency romances, but loves to hear from readers!

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