InD’Scribe Author Rebecca Rivard

Rebecca Rivard Author Photo

When I “Fall into the World of Extraordinary,” I always want to…

…submerge myself completely: see the amazing sights, hear the beautiful music, taste the delicious food, smell the scents and touch everything!

What on your bucket list HAVE you done and name something you HAVEN’T done yet?

My bucket list is mainly travel. So I’ve taken a wonderful trip to Costa Rica in which we went everywhere from Arenal Volcano to the Pacific beaches, the highlight of which was soaking in volcano-fed hot springs.

Next up on the bucket list: A trip to Iceland, where we’ll go everywhere from the volcanoes to the Atlantic, and soak in volcano-fed hot springs. I’m sensing a pattern here, lol. But maybe we’ll add the Northern Lights to that trip!

As a teenager, I read way too many romances, little realizing I was actually preparing for a career. After a detour through various genres, I’ve returned to my first love. Several of my Fada Shapeshifter novels have finaled in prestigious contests and Ensnared: Star (Vampire Blood Courtesans) was a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick. I’ve also won awards in poetry and literary fiction, most of which featured—of course!—a romance in some way.

When I’m not in my writing cave dreaming up stories about dark shifters, sexy fae and other magical creatures, I can be found taking photos (which I frequently post on Instagram), walking or biking with my husband, or wrestling the weeds in my yard. The weeds are winning.

I have a B.A. in philosophy and have taught yoga to everyone from soldiers to recovering addicts. I’m still trying to figure out what my superpower is, but I disappear into books and I’m a speed reader.

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