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598358_100437996766693_1292219413_nWhen I “Fall into the World of Extraordinary” I always want to…

…lose myself in that world and the characters. And I do!

Whether reading or writing or even watching, if I discover an extraordinary world, I find it difficult to pull myself out of it. Even when I’m not immersed in that world, I’m still thinking about it. Believe it or not, I’ll dream about it, or wake up in the middle of the night and still be obsessing. It’s a problem.

Just ask my family. I’ll walk around for days (or months, whatever) in a bit of a haze. I’ll have entire conversations that I don’t remember having. My husband and kids have learned to demand eye contact and have me repeat back what they’ve just said. (Pathetic. I’m fully aware).

The good news is, I find this world just as fascinating (most of the time). So at least I’m not dissatisfied with having to force myself back into the real world on a regular basis. That’s probably why I read and write both paranormal romance and contemporary romance!

If I could choose anyone to be on my book cover who would it be?

An ode to Jason Momoa…

Actually, never mind the ode, because poetry is not my gig. So let’s just wax poetic for a moment. Dang, is that man beautiful. I usually don’t go for the super muscled types or long hair on men, preferring more the clean cut geeky types. But something about the combination of those muscles, that face, the dark skin, and the wicked glint in those eyes. Oh, my. Plus, he gives off this aura of leashed power. Add that to what I prefer to imagine is a teasing, sexy sense of humor and…swoon me a river. As a paranormal romance writer, he’s kinda perfect. The strong, alpha type who can also be sensitive and romantic (I’m talking Khal Drogo here ladies). So, um, yeah. Jason Momoa.

Abigail Owen/Kadie Scott
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