InD’Scribe Author Carolyn Anthony

IMG_Carolyn Anthony Bio Pic (1)When I “Fall into the World of Extraordinary” I always want to

Savor every second of the transportation from reality to the place creativity thrives. OH, and coffee, lots of coffee and chocolate, so every second of that savoring is enjoyed to the absolute fullest extent!

If you could choose anyone you wanted for your book cover model(s), who would they be?

Tough question… Top three: Brock O’Hurn, Josh Mario John and Joseph Cannata.

Name something on your bucket list you HAVE done and something you HAVEN’T done yet.

I have spent two and a half weeks in Europe with my best friend—most amazing birthday gift ever. We traveled through London, Paris, and parts of Italy: Venice, Florence and Rome. It was the best experience of my life besides watching my goddaughter come into the world.  On the yet-to-do Bucket List, a tour of Eastern Europe—mainly Hungary, Romania and Prague. I want to end that trip with a river cruise along the Danube.

Carolyn is a member of RWA and the OCCRWA. She writes dark contemporary romance that focuses on real issues: the damaging sort of life events that leave both external and internal scars. Why so dark? At a time when her world was nothing but a black abyss, she met a man who proved to her hope was not dead and healing was possible. In which case, no matter what tragic events she puts her characters through, they will always get their happily ever after.

Her heroines are strong women at the core who will always find what’s been lost, taken or exploited: their strength, self-worth, identity, innocence or love. She writes about women exploring their sexuality, owning that sexuality and enjoying it. Along for the ride, the hot-alpha men who prove worthy enough to be on that journey with them.

She holds a B.A and M.A in Literatures in English. Home is in California, where she was born and raised. Happiness is time with family and friends, behind her laptop or at the gym with her second family. She’s been reading all genres of romance since she was thirteen, WAY before she should have been… She just Indy published her first book, Twenty-Four Hours, and has since been trying to tackle the world of social media. If asked what her favorite sites are, she’d willingly confess to needing a how-to manual for Facebook, and that Pinterest and Tumblr have become frightening addictions.

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