InD’Scribe Author Kate Carley

19437433_444065842645369_4395374393711988169_nWhen I “Fall into the World of Extraordinary” I always want to…

…have my characters come alive. Whether I’m reading or writing, I’m looking to find characters that I can envision walking through the front door of my home. Imagine a ripped Highland warrior, a rough motorcycle gang member with a heart of gold, or a handsome billionaire looking for love—all showing up in my kitchen! I bet you’d like to come to my house for dinner some night, right?

You’ve been invited to an exclusive compound that is prepared for the Zombie apocalypse, however everyone must have a skill to enter. What would be your skill to enter this club?

My youngest daughter has always said that I grocery shop like I’m preparing for the Zombie apocalypse. When I take inventory of my well-stocked pantry and freezer, I guess I’d have to agree with her. Since I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead, I’m aware that there just won’t be any more stores for a proper shopping spree once we’ve entered this gruesome apocalyptic period. But I’m sure the need for gifted people who can gather supplies like the world is ending will be a highly sought-after skill.

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