InD’Scribe Author Sonja Rouillard

Sonja-Rouillard-headshotWhen I “Fall into the World of Extraordinary” I always want to…

…travel to other planets and meet aliens. I love sci-fi and especially Star Trek, but I’m not a Trekkie, I’m a Trekker. Anyway, in my World of Extraordinary, I’d hobnob with many different species and broker world peace, I mean truly the entire world, the universe. My favorite movies are those that have us meet others and that show off the best of humanity (Contact or Arrival) or our fighting power when the aliens are evil (Independence Day, the original).

Name something on your bucket list you HAVE done and name something you HAVEN’T done yet.

My bucket list is extensive and growing, and there are things I’ll never get to do, like go into outer space or meet aliens, but here’s one bucket list item I have managed to accomplish: Dancing at a pow wow with my distant relatives. I’m part Dakota and Lakota and a member of the Santee Sioux Tribe of Nebraska, where I spent summers as a teenager. I’ve taken my teenage boys to visit the reservation twice, as well as bringing them to 8 other reservations in South Dakota and Arizona. And the last time I visited Santee, there was our annual pow wow and they danced an Intertribal and I got to dance with my nieces. And Intertribal is where everyone from any tribe can join in, but in the past at other pow wows without family I was always to shy. This time my cute niece pulled me out and it was life changing. Everyone should dance in an Intertribal in a  pow wow at least once in their life.

As for HAVEN’T done yet bucket list items: I love to travel. It’s why I wrote the Romance Readers Guide to Historic London. So my bucket list includes spending extensive time in other locations for future books, which include “Bath and the English Country Side,” “Scotland,” (can you say Outlander tours), French Countryside, and lastly the Antebellum South and the Wild Wild West (I’ll show you where the best dude ranches are with the handsomest dudes and suggest some great Western romance authors to read while you’re there). So I’d better get movin cause I’ve a lot of places to visit yet.

Sonja Rouillard is a successful writer of fiction and non-fiction. Recently, she launched an erotic romance career under the name Kate Allure with two books from Sourcebooks (Playing Doctor and Lawyer Up), receiving high praise: “The sensuality and sexuality are palpable…4 Stars!” & “Escapism of the richest, most decadent variety.” —RT Book Reviews. “Intense chemistry, great characteriza-tion, and a kinky page-singeing ending will have readers clamoring for more.” —Publishers Weekly.

Besides being a huge fan of historical romance, Sonja’s other great love is travel and seeking unusual, off-the-beaten-path experiences. China, Monte Carlo, Bora Bora, Mexico, and Poland are among the many foreign countries she’s visited. Her extensive U.S. travel covers the gamut from exotic Hawaii, to historic Washington, D.C., and the indigenous cultures of six remote Native American reservations. Sonja lives in California with her husband of 26 years, 3 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a Flemish Giant rabbit.

Sonja Rouillard pow wow

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