InD’Scribe Author Kate Allure

Kate Allure

When I “Fall into the World of Extraordinary” I always want to…

…explore my sexuality, or to put it more PG, explore all things sensual with my loving husband. My stories are all about women discovering or exploring their sexuality and finding out that there are no limits or rules about what you can do with your own body. Of course, I always advocate SSC: safe, sane, and consensual, but within that framework, the sky’s the limit. God gave us our bodies with all these amazing nerves and a creative brain and a huge capacity for emotional and physical connection—it’s one of his greatest gifts—and in my perfect world, we are all free to explore, as much as we desire, that side of our humanity and reach extraordinary heights.

Name something on your bucket list you HAVE done and name something you HAVEN’T done yet.

Writing romance novels, of course, is something from my bucket list that I’ve accomplished. I was going to write a nonfiction book on the topic of helping children with high functioning autism master using language (i.e. you sit “at” a table, not “to” — try explaining to a highly intelligent autistic why “to” is just not right when both are prepositions and you go to dinner and to a restaurant and and and). I’ve two sons on the spectrum. I was at work on the nonfiction book proposal but just couldn’t get motivated. Then I was laid up after foot surgery and on lots of morphine and started writing naughty stories and, voila, Kate was born. It’s been great fun and I’m happy every minute that I get to sit down and write.

I have this deserted island fetish and while I’ve been greatly blessed with trips to Hawaii and Bora Bora, I recently found this motu island called Kia Ora Sauvage in Rangiroa (and no I don’t mean Rarotonga). It’s 5 palm covered huts and a French chef and his wife and no electricity…but, yes, running water and toilets. There are never more than 10 guests on the island and during the day you can be dropped off at completely isolated islands to spend the day with your DH. I hope to make it there someday and have my Gilligan’s Island/Robinson Crusoe fantasy finally come true!!! Since I’m working on a novel (an erotic suspense, not romance) where half the story takes place on a tropical island (a sort of The Marriage Pact meets the Island of Doctor Moreau), I’m thinking…field trip! Now I just have to convince my significant other of the necessity…lol.

Kate Allure writes erotic romances that celebrate sensuality, sexual exploration and, of course, true love. Writing for Entangled Publishing and Sourcebooks, she writes books about real women meeting handsome professional men as they go about their everyday lives—and the fun they have behind closed doors! She also contributes indie naughty novellas to Marina Adair’s St. Helena Vineyards Kindle World. Beyond writing, Kate’s passions include traveling and exploring all things sensual with her loving husband.

Praise for Kate’s writing:

“Readers will cheer on these strong women as they take the initiative, seeking (and finding) both sexual satisfaction and emotional fulfillment.” — Publishers Weekly

“Escapism of the richest, most decadent variety. Kate Allure deals in pure fantasy, a spirited diversion from the mundane and a chance to explore some of the most titillating “what ifs” readers can imagine.” — Romantic Times Book Reviews

“Fun, flirty characters abound, and there’s plenty of kinky action.” — Library Journal

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