InD’Scribe Author Meara Platt

_DSC0475When I “Fall into the World of Extraordinary” I always want to…

…cheer because I’m encouraging myself to push beyond perceived limitations. I’m saying ‘yes’ to all the opportunities life has to offer and reaping the joy of accomplishment. Success is in the attempt, not in the ultimate goal reached. I love thinkers and dreamers and people who are too stupid to realize that their goal is impossible, because it is that much more rewarding when they reach their ‘impossible’ goal.

Name something on your bucket list you HAVE done and something you HAVEN’T done yet.

Bucket lists are great motivators and becoming a published author is something that I aspired to become and worked hard at it, so now I can say that I HAVE done it and will continue because I love the magic of finding the perfect hero for my heroine. Something on my bucket list that I HAVEN’T done yet but will do (raises fist a la Scarlett O’Hara and shouts to the heavens) is spend a year in England enjoying all the fabulous places the country has to offer. In addition to doing every touristy must-see stop, I would perhaps partake of the waters in Bath, follow bluebell trails in the Lake District to search for faeries, hike along smuggler’s trails on the Cornish coast, rent a cottage in the Cotswolds, and also make side trips to Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Perhaps I’ll need more than a year!

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