InD’Scribe Author Caroline Warfield

When I "Fall into the World of Extraordinary" I always want to... new people and make the world a better place. In the World of Extraordinary I might wish for an opportunity to work among the poor of the world and refugees. Barring that I would hope my work could infuse values of caring, tolerance, … Continue reading InD’Scribe Author Caroline Warfield

InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival

We put a question out there to those attending InD'Scribe Con and Book Festival... What do you love about InD'tale and/or InD'Scribe? I love InD'Tale because it's a gorgeous, easy to read emag. I love their enthusiastic reviewers and they're easy to work with. ~ C.A. Szarek InD'Tale because it gives HONEST reviews! Never snarky … Continue reading InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival

InD’Scribe Author Victoria Vane

  Victoria Vane is a bestselling award-winning author of smart and sexy romance. Her books have received many accolades to include the 2016 Red Carpet Award for Jewel of the East, 2014 RONE Award for Treacherous Temptations as well as Library Journal Best E-Book romance of 2012 for The Devil DeVere series. Victoria also writes … Continue reading InD’Scribe Author Victoria Vane

InD’Scribe Author JL Wilson

I was born in the 1950s in a small town in Iowa, and grew up there living a 'Beaver Cleaver existence' (as described by one friend). Riding bikes to the swimming pool, fishing in farm ponds, popcorn on the courthouse lawn while listening to the local band playing, square dancing in the intersection outside the … Continue reading InD’Scribe Author JL Wilson

InD’Scribe Author Emery Lee

  Whether historical fiction or historical romance, self-professed Georgian junkie Emery Lee loves nothing more than crafting emotionally compelling stories that bring the past vividly to life. She also writes hot historical romance as Victoria Vane. Her debut novel The Highest Stakes, is an epic tale of star-cross lovers set in the high stakes world of … Continue reading InD’Scribe Author Emery Lee

InD’Scribe Author Brenda Whiteside

When I “Fall into the World of Extraordinary” I always want to...  ...take photos and make notes. I usually have a camera in my hand. I never want to miss a chance to look back on the extraordinary and relive the experience. The notes? My memory is awful! I take notes for everything. Name something … Continue reading InD’Scribe Author Brenda Whiteside

InD’Scribe Author Rolynn Anderson

When I "Fall into the World of Extraordinary" I always want to... ...change the camera setting to slow motion and enjoy every aspect of the ride! Name something on your bucket list you HAVE done and something you HAVEN’T done yet. I spent a glorious five weeks traveling around New Zealand with my husband.  I’m … Continue reading InD’Scribe Author Rolynn Anderson

InD’Scribe Author Kymber Morgan

When I “Fall into the World of Extraordinary” I always want to... ...share it by bringing everyone else in with me. At times so many amazing characters and the stories they want to tell me whirl inside with such intensity it's more than I can contain in my mere mortal brain. They take on lives … Continue reading InD’Scribe Author Kymber Morgan

InD’Scribe Author Tiffany Snow

Tiffany attended the University of Missouri – Columbia, attaining two degrees in History and Social Studies Education. After working many years as an instructor and consultant in the Information Technology field, Tiffany now writes full-time. Tiffany loves to read and has been reading romance novels since she was way too young to read such things. … Continue reading InD’Scribe Author Tiffany Snow

InD’Scribe Author Suzan Tisdale

USA Today Bestselling Author, storyteller and cheeky wench, SUZAN TISDALE lives in the Midwest with her verra handsome carpenter husband. Her children have all left the nest. Her pets consist of dust bunnies and a dozen poodle-sized, backyard-dwelling groundhogs – all of which run as free and unrestrained as the voices in her head. Website | … Continue reading InD’Scribe Author Suzan Tisdale